Niu Image is a creative agency and capacity building initiative, connecting people at all levels of society to create dynamic original and client driven content. Connected into the local creative scene, Niu Image is one stop shop for international productions or clients trying to navigate in challenging international terrain while developing local capacity, mentoring local creatives and providing jobs. Clients include, HBO, Time, NPR, Coca Cola, Uniform, Der Speigel, and many more.

Roots run deep in the jewel of the east coast crown. Solemnly working with Baltimore's last urban horseman to making political ads, Niu Image is plugged into Baltimore on every level. Creating original content for local and international audiences, the shows, a different side of charm to the city.

172 islands scattered across a hidden corner of the south pacific. In Tongan, Niu means coconut, the swiss army knife of nature, one item that can be used in almost every facet of life.


We work in Tonga with local youth groups to build creative capacity and engage rural communities in visual dialogs to find sustainable solutions to development issues.

France is where it all started with short films, art happenings transforming into a team of polished professionals working on national projects .


Niu Image creates a range of work from provocative award winning films on a range of social issues to high fashion and feature film collaborations, we provide practical solutions to complex situations.

Liberia is vast and raw, a sumptuous, beautiful country. Niu Image worked with More Than Me, Red Cross, Street Child and others during the 2014 Ebola crisis.


Today, Niu Image build local capacity in the film industry, training locals and executing projects for major international clients, including UNIFORM, Coca Cola, Associated Press.

Specializing in cross cultural communication, Niu Image works worldwide on a range of artistic and development projects. Our collective experience allows us to build teams to suit any mission and the subtle tact to operate in the most challenging of environments to deliver amazing content.

Niu Image breaths life to vision, creating compelling content; specializing in last mile logistics for complicated shoots in challenging environments.  With teams in France, USA, Liberia and Tonga, Niu Image operates worldwide with experience on 6 continents, from the presidential palace to the rural village, integrating seamlessly with dynamic range.

Niu Image is a network of trusted independent creators collaborating projects all over the world. We share a goal of trying to build human capacity with our work, using our projects as was to create community and build understanding.


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